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The Law Of Forgiveness

Learn about the dynamic Law of Forgiveness. Did you know that lack of forgiveness can block dreams and goals from manifesting in every area of your life? Through my new book The Law of Forgiveness, I will teach you how to recognize and remove any blocks for quick manifestations. Sometimes our thinking, feelings and strategies only need fine tuning, for our grandest goals and dreams to come true.

A revolutionary way for readers to change their lives, their worlds, and help make all their dreams come true—through the power of forgiveness.

A ground-breaking book, The Law of Forgiveness will demonstrate how to:
  • Unleash the power of personal forgiveness—with simple steps
  • Use it to manifest goals and dreams
  • Use the technique to positively affect a difficult relationship
  • Understand the science behind the forgiveness technique
  • Learn to forgive while working through the cycle of healing
Forgiveness just might be the most transformational strategy for personal and spiritual well-being. It's the perfect guide for looking for a job or building a business, seeking a new relationship or improving a current one, or hoping to get healthy or stay healthy.
Connie is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, trainer and speaker known for the success of her clients who consistently report manifesting dreams and goals quickly from her clear, easy-to-understand and powerful instruction. Connie is author of Law of Attraction: Develop Irresistible Attraction. Her new book, The Law of Forgiveness will be published November 3, 2009 by Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Books, and is available for pre-sales on and other on-line bookstores.