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Join the Forgiveness Revolution

Our Mission:
Click on the link above to join an on-line community of people from all over the world who are interested in forgiving, reconciling and making peace. You will meet many others who are at various stages using the Law of Forgiveness to better their own lives and the lives of others. I encourage you to share your experiences, success stories, poems, writings and pictures as we take this journey together towards increased peace, prosperity and understanding for all.
Today, I am extending to you a personal invitation to join the Forgiveness Revolution. It's the hottest, most powerful movement happening in our world. It is taking place right here and right now, and you mustn't miss a minute before becoming involved.

How Do You Join the Forgiveness Revolution?

First, you make a decision to join, and then you do it.
Secondly, you read, and practice the principles of forgiveness and the affirmation technique found in Chapter 3 of my book, The Law of Forgiveness. Then, if you so choose, you invite others to do the same.
It is my highest aim to bring about a fundamental change in the way people have traditionally thought about, understood, and practiced forgiveness. This change has enormous potential to lead to positive personal empowerment and successful results like the world has never seen before. The Revolution is On!

Membership in the Forgiveness Revolution

Our Mission: We have met our positive goals and bettered our own lives, family, community, country and world through understanding and applying the social and spiritual technology of forgiveness.
We accept everyone; we embrace diversity. The business of forgiveness is equal opportunity; everyone is invited to join in.
We seek to enrich the lives of everyone who hears the call to forgive.
Each act of forgiveness will be begun by a personal decision in the heart of the one wishing to be free from the tyranny of anger, resentment and fear.
There is no membership hierarchy; for all are equal in their desire for healing and wholeness without boundaries or limitations.
Members shall recognize one another by the love in their heart, their desire for healing and wholeness, and the outcome of their actions.
Each member shall seek to advance the Revolution of Forgiveness by actively practicing the forgiveness technique; and, as they are ready, leading and teaching by example.
Members are joyful and on the journey to transcend doubt and fear – for their work is great and their witness prevails.