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Mina - Wheels of Justice - 2014 APRIL

I had purchased the LOF book because I was intrigued. I thought I knew how to forgive but when I saw this book something in me stirred and I knew I needed more education on the subject. I read the book and began to forgive and felt better but not great. I was living with my best friend of 20 + years and they were diving deeply into alcoholism putting me in a constant state of worry, stress and anger, it was so bad I was essentially paralyzed in my own life, all of my energy was going to them. There wasn't a moment in my day that I was not mentally occupied by worry of our survival, what was I going to do if they were hurt, killed, killed someone else? How was I going to pay bills, move?... I was feeling helpless to change the situation, I could not afford to move or pay the bills myself. I realized my friend was no longer making it to work, meeting financial obligations, constantly lying . At that moment it became clear to me that my constant fears and worrying kept my energy bound to them and keeping the situation some how manageable, in control. My constant energy to the situation prevented them from getting into trouble.

I remembered the chapter on the "Wheels of Justice" and I read it again. I had had enough and I was taking my energy back. It was Friday noon when I began to practice forgiveness. I had a busy weekend and focused on that but in the back of my mind I was chanting my forgiveness whenever I could. My friend didn't come home all weekend, not surprised by that, that had become normal drinking behavior, they usually showed up 45 minutes before work Monday to shower, dress and run out the door, but when Monday morning came and they didn't show up, I knew something was wrong. I called their work and was told they called in sick. Okay, they are not home sick and they would not be sick anyplace else unless it was the hospital and they have not called because I was listed as emergency contact. I called all of our friends and no on had seen them. So, what on earth had happened? I knew something had happened, I could feel it. My inner voice said do a google search, so I did and found their arrest report! They had been arrested for DUI. They spent a month in jail and had their license suspended for three years along with a list of state obligations they had to fill to remain out of jail.

WOW! I was stunned, I really didn't expect it to work so quickly. That was the most amazing learning experience of my life and this is now my favorite tool, if I feel bound to a situation I start forgiving and let it go and watch in amazement as the situation turns around every time.

Thank you to Connie If I had not found and read your book who knows where I would be now.

Bless you!


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Jane - Stained Glass Artist - 2012 JUNE - LOA Workshop

I'm a stained glass artist/designer. I make/create original designs and turn them into stained glass art. I was commissioned to create a stained class design piece a couple of months ago, but the person failed to give me any down payment toward the work. I created the piece, let the person know the stages of ongoing work. I had the feeling the person had no way to afford to pay for it, so I didn't pursue the situation. I just let it go and completed the piece.

Once the piece was completed, I realized this was the piece I wanted to use as a prototype for creating a whole new way of displaying my stained glass design pieces, as works of art in glass, to hang on an inside wall, back lit.

When we were downtown the other evening for First Night Raleigh, we were sitting outside at Tir Na Nog, eating dinner. A local photographer stopped at our table and asked permission to take our picture for a promotion piece he was doing.

After he finished his shots, I pulled out my small album of 'sample' piece I've made, and asked him, as a photographer, if he might be interested to take professional shots for promotion. He took one look, was wowed by what he saw and sure SURE, GREAT! Then I asked if he knew of anyone who might be skilled in doing design and construction of a special shadow box frame, back lit for the stained glass. He thought for a minute and said SURE! He wrote down his name and phone and the name of the location he was recommending and the person for me to ask for.

I called last week, made an appt. for this AM. The designer was there, he and I spent over an hour discussing things, calculating measurements, figuring the best way to use the recent updates in LED lights, control switches, etc. He's going to make a prototype within a week for me to inspect. He understands TOTALLY what I need and he knows how to think "outside the box" because that's what he does for a living.

So I don't look at having made a design for someone who really couldn't afford the piece. Instead, I simply look at the work as the piece giving me the opportunity to be used as a whole new concept for displaying stained glass designs inside on a wall, as opposed to only used and viewed in a window or a door. This was going to be my long term goal at some point in the future and the future is now.

Since I haven't seen this type of display anywhere, and I haven't found anything like this being manufactured on line, I'm going to assume this might be something totally new, at least in stained glass displays.

My next goal is to find just the right gallery for modern art, abstract art, and/or glass art, both here in Raleigh and other places in the state. After that, I will need my website. My work is unconventional in design filled with a lot of energy and motion.

So just thought I'd let you know. Thanks.

Jane Dittmer 919-877-9865

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Remember, how you live today is more important than if you live tomorrow.

Bob's 38 year marriage healing 2012 - MAY - LOF, MARCH LOA Workshops

"I was experiencing a difficult transition in my life. I was leaving a 38 year marriage and trying to make changes in my ingrained ways of thinking and being. Like many people, I experienced a hopeful young marriage that turned deeply sad over the years. We were stuck in a rut that had become so deep, neither of us could see sunlight anymore; it was time to act decisively. My soulmate was instrumental in helping me see that I would be happier viewing the world in a much more compassionate, feeling and spiritual manner. However, because of my chosen profession, I was accustom to looking at the world in a much more logical, adversarial and concrete manner. What I was missing was a strategy for forgiveness. I was so angry and resentful of so many people and things in my past, including my mother who had passed away when I was young. From the time I got up in the morning to the time I went to bed, my life was ruled by my negative thoughts and emotions. After using the Forgiveness Technique and 3 Step Technique Connie Domino teaches, my life shifted in ways I could not even have imagined. I feel free for the first time. I no longer feel attached to all the material possessions I had acquired in the past and letting go of those made letting go of my unhappy marriage so much easier. I feel relaxed for the first time in many years, and my life changed in a positive manner as my thoughts and feelings changed. My friends couldn't believe I would give up so much materially to my ex-spouse. But, what I realized is the more I give and release in a positive manner, the more I receive. My new way of thinking and believing has even given me the courage to see the proud and positive contribution, including children, that my ex-spouse gave to me. Forgiveness has actually allowed me to rewrite my past in my heart and mind. I don't even think of my mother or my ex-spouse in the same way as I did. Anger is not now part of my life. There is no price that can be placed on the happiness, peace and relaxation I now feel." I told Connie that I would do anything I could to help her get this message out because so many people need the healing I have experienced in such a short amount of time.

My best wishes for everyone,



"Working on forgiveness with Connie has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. Through the workshops I learned that there are several levels of forgiveness: there are people in your life that you are angry with at a low level and there are those you are angry with at an incredibly high level, hence forgiveness is a process. Moreover, there are people that you hurt consciously and/or unconsciously and you seek their forgiveness yet you don’t know how to reach out to them. Forgiveness is a two way process and every time you clear out more and more. In my case, I knew I had done damage to this person. I knew I had to seek his forgiveness but I didn’t know how to reach out. I knew that this piece needed to be cleared out for both of us to feel better, feel elevated and feel closer again. So, I signed up for Connie’s Law of Forgiveness workshop. We did our forgiveness affirmations, and amazingly two days later out of the blue, I got a call from this person. The most incredible thing is that I didn't contact him before or let him know I was forgiving him. We had a very heated conversation. The anger surfaced, the issues that we had been pushing under the rug, resurfaced. I realized as I was trying to make up with this person, I was in fact pushing him away from me. I realized along with forgiveness comes love, but it is sometimes hard to express our love. Love helps us with our healing process. I know I still have some more work to do but having the tools to help me out makes me feel wonderful. I am so grateful to Connie for teaching these incredible tools and strategies in her workshops. I also think the elevated energy of many people coming together in these workshops makes it easier for all of us."

Thanks a lot Connie for these healing and forgiveness tools,

Lucy White

My relationship with my Mother is healed after 40 years!

I have had incredible healing with Connie Domino’s Law of Forgiveness and Law of Attraction techniques. You have to experience these changes to believe it. Otherwise, it sounds a bit like hokus pokus.

Within 2 weeks of diligently reading the forgiveness and goal affirmations and doing the forgiveness work three times a day, my mother started saying nice things to me for the first time in 40 years. When I moved out of my parent's house as a young woman, the relationship with my mother changed. She was mad I had moved or couldn't handle it and she never said another nice thing to me until now. After working with Connie's forgiveness technique, my mother started saying over and over how much she appreciated my husband and me. It was incredible. We had a 40 year history of her being mean to us and totally being non- appreciative of anything we did for her. She simply expected us to do it. I had one conversation on the phone with her for 2 ½ hours and we both enjoyed it. Then she sent me a check for $3500 to reimburse me for various costs involved in moving her. She said she was too broke to reimburse me before.

To this day I have not told my mother about the 3 Step Technique I have been using. I never will. I am very relieved because now I can actually talk to her and not dread the conversation.

I forgave a teaching colleague from over 10 years ago, and she sent me a Facebook request 2 days later. Crazy!

I feel like my life is healing and changing in positive ways.

I have been really busy working the past 3 weeks and I have not been doing my forgiveness work. I notice that things have dried up so to speak. I have to get back to the technique ASAP!



Hey Connie,

I attended the LOF class in Raleigh. The last day of the class you know I broke down crying about how i hated my job and it was so negative and I didn't want to be there. Well I have applied the forgiveness technique and in 3 weeks. My manager went on out leave indefinitely, his manager will no longer be over my department and one of my more negative team members quit her job on the same day my manager left. I CAN"T BELIEVE IT well I can but you know what I mean. I have been so stress free and care free this last week you would not believe. My mind is free and clear now to really focus on my business. Thanks again Connie for helping me out.

Jamie McKnight

Mary Kay

Independent Beauty Consultant


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MARCH 2011 - Your book was the missing piece!

Thank you, Connie for writing the forgiveness book, your book was the missing piece, I need it, for my healing journey, Is nothing more in this world that, I have desire more then anything, my most important goal is to heal and be free from all the pain that, I had suffer from the past. Once I read the forgiveness affirmation for the first time, I felt physically that something the size of an elephant got off my chest, It was an amazing feeling the feeling of being free.

Warm blessings,


DECEMBER 2010 - Thank you Connie!

I am so grateful that I listen to a higher power that lead me to your books. After reading and following the forgiveness affirmations I felt so much lighter. After traveling to personally meet with you, I dealt with my blockages and life took on a new meaning. The timing of how things were falling into place were and still are amazing. Thank you so much for showing me how to chart out my guidance system.

Many blessings,

DECEMBER 2010 - Thanks ever so much for your help this past year!

Dear Connie,
I just wanted to say thanks ever so much for your help this past year. I am in the process of re-reading your book on forgiveness, and with a whole new level of appreciation for what you put into it. I see now how a lifetime dedicated to matters of health and wholeness have manifested into a book and a message that is unique and appropriate for the times, and I am very grateful for the work that you do and how I have benefited from it. You're amazing and I thank you for your guidance!

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and, likewise, a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year!
Warmly, Stacey S.

OCTOBER 2010 - I am reading your book. Thanks so much!

Connie Domino

I am reading your book--Thanks so much I am getting my life back. I was sinking in to a depression after total betrayal of a man I trusted to be my soul mate--I am reciting forgiveness prayer affirmation and realize the difference already in one day! The energy surge came and all the synchronicity of events was almost all in the words of your book---it is truly Divine--more than words can express--all I could do is smile--I mean beam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now only envisioning good things in my life and as you know it will all be coming as we speak. I hope one day I have the honor of being in your physical presence--I feel your spirit is with me. Thank you for your Love and wish you Peace, Joy and Love back. Susanne Marie - A bright light shining!

OCTOBER 2010 - Congratulations. LOA does work!

Hi Connie:

I have following your successes via emails. Congratulations. LOA does work. You are proof and so am I. Sometimes our biggest issue is deciding exactly what it is that we want/need to do. You have asked us to share stories in the past--I do not know if you are still collecting them--but I will share anyway just for the sake of "catching up" if nothing else since we have lost touch over the years.

As you know, I struggled for awhile trying to decide what I wanted to do. I taught LOA classes with you, I got my Hypnotherapy certification and license and was very good, All of my clients were happy with the results. I got certified in a number healing modalities, I worked as a training contractor and even considered returning to the corporate world as a trainer but only found temporary satisfaction in each of these endeavors. In 2006, my son gave me a point and shoot camera for Mother's Day and a PhotoSmart printer for my birthday. I began taking photos as a serious hobbyist. Warren, my fiance, convinced me to enter Witherspoon Rose Culture Photography Contest in 2008 and I won 2nd place out of 63 entries. The following year, I won first place. This year, I won Best in Show. This year I also won first place at Cape Fear Studios 2010 Photography Exhibition and on Friday night, third place at Art and Technology, Fayetteville Art Council (my photographic collage was the only photography entry that placed).

The best part is that I have a one woman show of 27 pieces at McDuffs Tea Room and Emporium Gallery called Memories: A Photographic Journey Through My Mind.

The part I like best is the fact that skilled mentors are coming "out of the woodwork". The Law of Attraction is bringing them to me as I need them to keep me growing and developing as a photographer. Right now, I am working with an international photographer (I am taking his class), and two mentors--a retired portrait photographer and a retired expert at light and dark who does beautiful everything else shots.

I will be studying with an photography professor in the winter who is letting me into his advanced class because he said my work at the Art and Technology show was flawless and should have won first place. (I have never taken a class at Fayetteville State college and am registering today so it is very unusual to be allowed in a 400 level class without ever taken any of the lower level classes in that major.) He also said that he has been following my work this summer and has been very impressed with what he has seen. I was speechless--and as you know, it is not easy to leave me speechless--giggle.

I am branching out into Raleigh. I plan to have one or two pieces in the Visual Art Exchange Gallery at 325 Blake Street in Raleigh over the Christmas Holidays so check them out if you get a chance.

Looks like the bottom line for anyone who is studying Law of Attraction is to understand what you really want. Sounds easy but is not. I taught LOA and thought I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't understand why I was just OK at it and not a real success because I loved teaching LOA. I now know that teaching wasn't what my soul wanted or needed. I cannot offer any advice on how to find out what your soul wants but I can tell you that if you are doing all of the "right things"--even if you are loving it--and are not successful, you are probably not following your soul's desire. When you find your path, your soul is happy and the universe will reward you.

My framed photos have been selling for between $200 and $600 each--I sold nine (9) in the last three months.

I know you are busy but I would love to hear from you.

Love, Light, & Laughter,

AUGUST 2010 - Thank You Connie!

Connie Domino

Thank you for saving my life!


MAY 2010 - Proof of Forgiveness!


I did want to let you know how it has changed my life so quickly. This will be long because I want you to know the powers that brought me to your book:

I had some bizarre event happen when my husband was away. I don't remember the specifics, but I asked my aunt what it meant (she is truly aware spiritually) she said she believed I needed to forgive things I believed happened either in this life or in another life. At the time, it meant nothing to me. I didn't feel I had to forgive anyone, other than possibly my grandfather who unfortunately inappropriately loved many members of the family. But he had passed on so I really didn't feel it was anything to pay mention to.

A week or two later, my husband and I were walking around a book store and your book was presenting itself to me. I wasn't in the mood to buy a book, just to enjoy walking through all the knowledge contained in books. I didn't buy it, but the next day I got to go to the bookstore again (without the kids!) and the book stared me in the face. I remembered what my aunt had told me, and decided it was worth a shot.

While reading it, I started realizing I have not forgiven lots of people, not just my grandfather. While I thought I had "gotten over" my sister deciding she didn't want to talk to me or my family, I didn't realize I hadn't forgiven her for the years of pain. A list was starting to grow pretty quickly once I started going.

A few things happened quickly. First, I forgave my lawyer for not doing anything on a simple estate case. Two days later, I got an email from her saying what progress has been made. It's not much, but having her stay in communication made a huge difference.

I forgave my sister, Melissa, for cutting me out and hurting me. While she didn't start communicating with me, she did text my sister, Leslie, "Happy Birthday" any step towards the family is a good one!

I forgave my friend who "gave me a deal" on a photography session, that deal wasn't so good when the order came out messy, late, and more costly than expected. The next day, we chatted some not about photography, about things friends chat about. She fixed the order and had it back to me in time to send out to my family.

The last thing is much more important to me. I forgave my husbands command (he is in the U.S. Navy). I forgave them for taking my husband away from us for the deployments, long hours, underways, and having him "on call" all the time. I forgave them for treating him so poorly and making him feel he wasn't getting anything accomplished after 16hr work days. I forgave them for treating me like a rag doll when needing my assistance and not communicating with me to give me the go ahead. The next day, some of my husbands superiors called him into a room and told him there was only one thing they felt he needed to work on to make Officer (a much higher position than he is now) he just needed to lose weight. And he got an interview to determine if he will be Sailor of the Quarter. (We don't know the results yet)

I can't believe my crankiness negatively effected my husbands job! I thought by saying "yeah, they are horrible people for treating you like that" was showing him I was on his side and I understood. I didn't realize how much I was feeding into the negativity!

I passed this along to my sister, Leslie (34yrs old), when she and my mom visited. They had a 10 hr drive together which is pretty lengthy when Leslie starts bringing up what horrible mother she thinks Mom was. How she has all this pain to get over from childhood, etc. Over and over I have told Leslie that Mom did her best (no abuse) and really tried, but everyone makes mistakes. Leslie never got it. This has been such a sore spot for them, although my mom tries her best. Well, Leslie got a chance to read most of the book before the drive back, and I believe she implemented some of it. My mom reported some true healing that happened during that drive. Leslie was receptive to Mom and Mom told her about the steps she took to help my sister through the struggles of childhood (school, grades, friends, family, etc).

Knowing that my sister is well on her way to happiness and forgiveness is so wonderful! She has been so lonely in her love life because one boy ended the relationship poorly when she was a teenager. It has been so painful to watch. She has had such a tension with my mom, and so many relationships, because her belief that my mom was a crappy mother and damaged us all. It is so nice to know that my mom doesn't feel she's walking on eggshells as much.

What I failed to do was to write down the forgiveness phrase and a section where there are 3 steps to do (I don't remember what it was). So I have to get another copy. And go get the other book you have out. I have seen it so many times before but I thought "nah, I don't need it" But why live life just surviving when you can thrive with this type of knowledge?

Thank you so much for helping healing me and my family. I just got off the phone with my mom (who has just gotten to hear these wonderful things about your books, not read them yet) and she wants the websites so looks like she'll be signing up soon!

Michelle Brady

MARCH 2010 - Marilyn Forgives 5 People A Day

Hi Connie.

I'd like to thank you a million times for writing your Book "The Law of Forgiveness". It was the first book that I picked up after I hit rock bottom at the beginning of January of this year. You see, I have been suffering from PTSD, depression and massive social anxiety and had been ignoring my problems and issues until this time....

Then I stumbled upon your book and I found it very very inspiring.

I have skimmed numerous other books on forgiveness and they just never made any sense to me... What was forgiveness? What did it really mean? How did one do it concretely? Now, thanks to your book, I GET IT! It's all about cutting the links of resentment between me and every other person I have met... (And believe me there is A LOT, I estimate my end number will be around the 1000 mark). It's also about visualizing the higher selves of people and wishing people the best in their lives, and not being preoccupied with thought of malice and revenge. And that rings so true with me because when I peel back the layers of my trauma, I see that I don't really will ANYONE anything bad in their lives. And that part of the affirmation was the part that rang true to me...

I started faithfully forgiving 5 people a day from my past and am now at number 265 for the people I have forgiven and am nowhere close to being done... I realized how many grudges and resentments I hold from the past and by using your technique, I've been able to release them and I feel lighter and have more energy. My miracle happened recently: I made a very important revelation for my own self-forgiveness which has lifted almost a half year's worth of guilt from my life and I am so thankful for this. I haven't forgiven my family yet but when I've forgiven all the mundane people from my past then I'll be able to focus on the more important forgiveness that I need to do for my well-being.

I'm still using your book every single day as the first part of my recovery. I'd just like to thank you for writing such a gem of a book, because you have helped me more than you will ever know!



(Submitted to, posted with Nancye's permission)

On the way to my last class of the fall 2009 semester I heard Rev. Bacon interviewing Connie Domino in a rebroadcast of the original interview he taped in November about the Law of Forgiveness. I was so deeply affected by Connie’s message that I vowed to myself to contact her after the Christmas holiday.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I am thrilled to say that I have completed three sessions with Connie who has created a Plan of Action, and very powerful affirmations for me to recite as I open my heart fully and work on forgiving my husband of 18 years for the mental and verbal abuse he tortured me with throughout our marriage.

Over the past month, I have made significant progress in learning how to release the pain of the past and move forward with my life. Connie is incredibly intuitive and was able to reach inside of my soul and begin to untangle the threads of anguish that had bound me so tightly for far too many years.

I just wanted to thank Rev. Bacon and Elizabeth Lesser for introducing your faithful Soul Series listeners to Connie Domino’s powerful message of forgiveness.

Nancye Lee,
Alpharetta, GA

October 2009 - KIM FINDS A JOB

Hi Connie,
I wanted to share something with you. I got a part time job as an engineer for an environmental company! I start next week. I have really worked through your book since the class and am still reworking some things...writing letters to my blocks...handling the forgiveness thing. I am stunned how this came about. My friend got a call from a guy that I have worked with over 10 years ago. He was asking if they knew anyone that was available to help out. James gave him my name and called me to say call him this morning. I went down this morning.. no resume, did not even dress up because he did not have a long window to hang around and wait on me. It is everything I wanted for now. We have not settled the money piece but that happens this week.

It is a laid back office, the guy has integrity, I can come and go as I please, I can market myself to other companies to get more contracts going, it is located in a small town, traffic will be effortless, the hours are fine. I can move closer in a couple of months. I am already working on the property that I want to rent that will allow me room to train my retrievers. I am stunned beyond belief. I gave the deadline of the end of the month. Voila! The hardest part is clarity and detachment from the outcome. I was fighting with myself over going after a job for money or finding something that I can do for a bit while I create other opportunities for income.

I am looking for a success real estate investor to teach me how to invest so I can replace my income, pay for a trip to Australia, pro training for the dogs, etc, etc. Actually I want the real estate to fund my life in all areas. Also a professional trainer to help get Bo ready to trial and hopefully take me to Nationals. A trip to Australia for a month or more. Also looking for help with the online business world so I can have residual income rolling in all the time day or night. Now this is getting to be fun!

I am looking forward to your next class. This one was fantastic. If you ever offer the full seminar with the LOA stuff, I will be there with bells on!

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!

You are fantastic.

Have fun!



Dear Connie:
I have read positive spiritual literature consistently for more than 20 years and have manifested quite a few things in areas that were easy for me. Your class helped me identify longstanding blocks and barriers to financial prosperity. I have written my goals and affirmation according to your guidelines, and know they'll manifest. I can tell my energy is shifting because during the class, I applied the law of forgiveness for an individual for whom I've harbored great resentment. Two days later there was contact—indications that the energy is now clear.
The week after completing the class, I was thankful to get 3 free video rentals, my daughter’s tutor gave me a pro bono week of tutoring out of the blue, I sold 8 books effortlessly, and received a surprise $50 check. I also got rave reviews and made wonderful new connections for my business when I presented a workshop at a state conference. My energy is steadily rising. I feel clearer, and as if I can really meet my potential.
Angela Belcher Epps


Hi Connie,
I wanted to Thank You for such a wonderful workshop Friday. It was absolutely life changing. I am completely confident that this works. When I left the workshop and was in the airport, I always get searched in security. One time I even was randomly chosen to step aside to get searched. Anyway, I told myself I was going to get through without being searched and sure enough it worked. That was Friday. On Monday, I received a check in the mail for over $10,000. I was expecting the money but, it finally came:) Today, I received another check in the mail for $699.00. That money I was not expecting. I kept telling myself I am going to receive a check in the mail. I did:) I have passed on your book to my best friend. Thanks for everything. I am on my way, feeling truly confident that I am developing irresistible attraction.


Thank you very much for your work and for the opportunity to attend your workshops over the past few years.
I attended your workshop last April and created 3 goals. Finances, health and relationship. I had been single for a year, working, enjoying friends and not "looking" but dating.
I wrote 13 pages of a detailed description of my perfect mate....(VERY specific down to the eye color and height) put it in a red folder and placed it in the relationship gua (area) of my home.
June 25th, I met Scott and knew immediately there was something special and unique about this man. At some point, I pulled out my list and counted the qualities I wrote down... there were 100 qualities and he has 93 of 100.... at that time. Since then his eyes have turned GREEN! (Quality 35) and he has successfully transformed his relationship with his ex- spouse to a peaceful one. Now we are at 95! (The boat and plane have been selected and we are getting married very soon:)
I will send you our Vital life dating book as soon as we are finished.
Namaste.. and thank you for your wonderful work.


Hi Connie,
This is Thaddeus Holley, and I was introduced to your book by Jeremy Longmaid, The technique you teach has been working for me ever since. As a matter of fact, after reading and applying your book, the company I work for asked me to star in a national TV commercial for the product we sell. They could have chosen many other people or used professional actors, but out of everyone, they chose me. They also sent me a nice check for my participation, and I will be seen all over the country on TV. I am so excited and can't wait to continue to manifest more and more abundance.
Wishing you the best...


Dear Connie:
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you. Through the steps in the book and your workshop, by Week Three I am experiencing amazing results. I have created three specific goals and affirmations in the areas of finance, weight and relationship.
Financial goal - I am delighted to report after Week Two I received an unexpected $1,400 check. (After Week one I received an unexpected $225 check.) Really not so surprising given that
"I attract money easily and effortlessly".....
Weight goal - In one week I lost six pounds of weight "I no longer need and am releasing"
Relationship goal - My goal here was to feel nurtured and appreciated in my marriage. -- After 18 years of marriage (and for the first time ever) my husband told me 'out of the blue' that he really appreciated me and all that I do and that he probably doesn't say it often.
I have been a student of Law of Attraction for quite some time. I have never had such amazing results or such a clear path on how to achieve them so quickly. I know I will continue to use these processes over and over with better and better results!
In gratitude,